Mitchell Pontmercy
Portrayed by Davis Cleveland
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Biographical Information
Full name: Mitchell Pontmercy
Born: 3rd of January, 2004
Age: 9 (physically)
Status: Alive
Nickname/s: Mitch (family)
Species: Hunter
Occupation: Training
Title: Pranker-in-training
Residence: Living with his dad and formally his mum
Allegiance: Unknown
Affiliation: Pontmercy family
Morgenstern family
Some Nightshades
Menshikov family
Parents: Erik Pontmercy
Rachel Nightshade
Relatives: Pontmercy family
Nightshade family
Physical Description
Gender: Male
"It's a pain in the ass Tobias, what happened to my mum. I mean, we're talking the one person that could stop my dad's tempers, and when she "died" the task fell to me. She always told me that she wanted the best childhood for me, yet when I was ten she got taken and turned. I need her back, more than anything, especially before I turn 18."
—Mitchell to Tobias about his life since his mother "died"

Mitchell Pontmercy is the only son of Erik Pontmercy and his former girlfriend Rachel Nightshade. Mitchell took on his father's last name to prevent conflict within his paternal family. As a child he was best friends with his cousin Jayce Morgenstern, the two often teaming up (sometimes with Stephan and/or Luke) to play pranks on their family members, much to their annoyance. He was also good friends with his paternal cousin Tobias, who he visited the most out of all his paternal family. Mitchell was often a victom to his father's temper, hearing Erik's arguements with Rachel in his room. He would often sneak out and go to Luke, Krystal or Cynthia's home, though most often Luke's as he enjoyed his uncles pranks. When he did go to either Krystal or Cynthia, he would play with the younger children (Valeria or Mia, Jayce and Carri). He also sometimes visited Phoebe, his uncle Jake's twin sister and does consider her an aunt, though this may be because he knows about Phoebe and Zach being a couple.

When he was ten years old, he was playing at Luke's house along with all his other maternal cousins when they were told that Phoebe, Krystal, Rachel, Jake and Cynthia had been turned. He started living with his dad and had to see Jayce a lot less as Jayce was going on the run with his siblings and Luke. Mitchell had constant nightmares about his mum and had to stop his dad's temper from going to far. A few days before the series begins, Mitchell was in New Orleans, planning to say a quick hi to Tobias and his aunt Sophia. Before this could happen he had a run in with his mother who abducted him, planning to use him as bait against Luke and Erik, not caring that Mitchell was her son as well.

Jake busts him out and teleports him to the New Orleans Training Ground where Luke was waiting. Luke takes Mitchell to Jayce who reunite happily after years of being apart. When Zara comes downstairs, she faked an annoyed reponse saying "oh come on, now I have to put up with two devil spawns" to which Luke, Jayce and Mitchell laugh. Zara than eventually admitted to having missed Mitchell, also admitting he was her most mature cousin, including Isaac, who was only two years younger than Zara.