Morgenstern family

Helene and Simon (gif)

Status: Extant
Origin: Greece
Residence: Multiple
Species: Hunters
Notable Members: Simon Morgenstern
Helene Morgenstern
Jacob Morgenstern
Phoebe Morgenstern
Brandon Morgenstern
Zara Morgenstern
Chris Morgenstern
Brook Pontmercy
Olympia Morgenstern
Jason Morgenstern
Caroline Morgenstern
Affiliation: Nightshade family
Plenilunium family
Stansfield family
Lannister family
Allegiance: Mostly light though some are dark
Enemies: The Alliance

The Morgenstern family is one of the oldest families, with Jake and Phoebe both being some of the first ancient ones. They are from Ancient Greece and have been living there since the time of the Primals. They are even descendent of one of them (Simon). They are extremely close to the Nightshade, Plenilunium, Stansfield and Lannister families. They are the procreators of Werewolves and, very likely, other creatures and all of them are physics. The originator of the family is Simon Morgenstern who is also the doppelganger of his grand-son Jacob.



The Morgensterns are well known for their hazel eyes and dark hair colour and are slightly tall for their age. While the women have a rather lean build, the men are said to be rather athletic. You will never find an unarmed Morgenstern as they always have a weapon on hand.


The Morgensterns are best known for their dangerous attitude. They are reckless, irresponsible, daring and determined. The family members are extremely protective of each other and would lie and deceive each other if it meant keeping them safe. They are extremely cruel towards their enemies and don't forgive people easily. It is known that Morgensterns are very good physics though the younger ones do have problem controlling their ability and the children of Jacob and Cynthia are also mind manipulators because of their Nightshade blood. Almost all Morgensterns (apart from Zara) are claimed for the light, though it is unknown if Mia and Carri will be dark like their older sister.

Known Members

  1. Simon Morgenstern
  2. Atalante Morgenstern -wife of Simon
  3. Helene Morgenstern
  4. Jacob "Jake" Morgenstern
  5. Phoebe/Phoibe "Pheebs" Morgenstern
  6. Brandon "Bran" Morgenstern
  7. Zak Pontmercy - lover of Phoebe/father of Brooklynn
  8. Cynthia "Cyn" Morgenstern (née Nightshade) - wife of Jacob
  9. Zara Morgenstern
  10. Christopher "Chirs" Morgenstern
  11. Brooklynn "Brook" Pontmercy - daughter of Phoebe
  12. Olympia "Mia" Morgenstern
  13. Jason "Jayce" Morgenstern
  14. Caroline "Carri" Morgenstern