Nightshade family
Krystal, Rachel and Cynthia2

The Nightshade Triplets

Status: Extant
Origin: Greece
Residence: Multiple, though most are located in Greece
Species: Hunters
Doppelgänger (Only Cynthia both ways, Krystal and Rachel physically, of Aikaterina)
Vampire (some traits only, known as "Vampire Gene")
Notable Members: Aikaterina Nightshade
Kyros Nightshade
Adrastos Nightshade
Selene Nightshade
Leo Nightshade
Aegon Nightshade
Krystal Nightshade
Rachel Nightshade
Cynthia Morgenstern
Theo Nightshade
Tamah Bane
Affiliation: Morgenstern family
Menshikov family
Stansfield family
Pontmercy family
Lannister family
Allegiance: Dark but some are light
Enemies: Each other
Endios and his army

The Nightshade family is one of the main families in the series. The family is from Ancient Greece and has been living there since the time of the Primals, and are even descendent of one of them (Aikaterina). They (and anyone else of that bloodline) also are all Witches/Warlocks. They are the bloodline responsible for the creation of Vampires and Hosts and possibly other creatures. Aikaterina is the procreator of the family and is the Doppelgänger of her grand-daughter, Cynthia. Another famous tie of the family is to The Alliance, founded and run by Adrastos. The family are all capable of mind-manipulation and many go dark because of how extreme they study the magic. Also, the family possess vampire traits and are known to have to feed of human blood, though a lot less then average vampires.



All Nightshades seem to have extremely black hair, the same colour as night. They also can change their eye colour to black because of the Primal blood and their allegiance, which tends to be dark. Otherwise, it has been seen likely for them to have Sapphire blue eyes. When hungry, they are able to extend vampire-like fangs to feed, though these are longer and sharper than a normal vampires.


The Nightshades are best known for their dark (and stubborn) personality. They nearly always have the ability to turn of their humanity, making it easier for them to get what they want. Always one person per generation is seen to have the stubbornness of the family, which has been described as "deadly persistence". They'll go to any lengths to get what they need, no matter what. Nightshades are known to also be very whitty, sarcastic and hot-headed. They know how to kill in the cruellest ways and aren't known for their forgiving nature and, never, ever losing a grudge. They are, however, protective of loved ones and break their word if it's for their safety. They are also some of the best strategest among the Supernatural and are also very intellectual.

Known Members

  1. Aikaterina Nightshade
  2. Solon Nightshade
  3. Kyros Nightshadde
  4. Adrastos Nightshade
  5. Selene Nightshade
  6. Ariadne Nightshade - wife of Adrastos
  7. Nysa - girlfriend of Kyros
  8. Leo Nightshade
  9. Erik Pontmercy - lover of Rachel
  10. Jacob "Jake" Morgenstern - husband of Cyn
  11. Alexander "Alex" Stansfield - former lover of Cynthia
  12. Aegon Nightshade
  13. Mikael Menshikov - fiancé of Krystal
  14. Krystal Nightshade
  15. Rachel Nightshade
  16. Cynthia "Cyn" Morgenstern
  17. Nik - Cynthia's son by Endios
  18. Thaleia - Cynthia's daughter by Endios
  19. Theo Nightshade - disappeared three hundred years ago, status:unknown
  20. Tamah Bane - daughter of Adrastos and Ariadne (was adopted out to Ariadne's half-sister)
  21. Damon, Ella and Lans Ellester - children of Cynthia by Alex
  22. Zara Morgenstern - daughter of Cynthia by Jake
  23. Isaak Menshikov - son of Krystal
  24. Christopher "Chris" Morgenstern
  25. Mitchell "Mitch" Pontmercy - son of Rachel
  26. Olympia "Mia" Morgenstern
  27. Jason "Jayce" Morgenstern
  28. Caroline "Carri" Morgenstern
  29. Valeria Menshikov


  • Krystal, Rachel and Cynthia, all three being physical shadows of Katerina
  • The girls before the dopplegänger spell
  • Katerina tormenting Cynthia mentally
  • Rachel and Cynthia
  • Krystal and Rachel