Plenilunium Family

Jett Plenilunium

Status: Extant
Origin: Rome
Residence: Italian Training Ground
LA Training Ground
Species: Hunters
Notable Members: Donovan Plenilunium
Livi Plenilunium (deceased)
Celestia Plenilunium
Stephanos Plenilunium
Lucian Plenilunium
Claire Plenilunium
Jett Plenilunium
Seraphina Plenilunium (adopted)
Insignia: The full moon
Affiliation: Nightshade family
Morgenstern family
Ravenscar family
Rosales family
Menshikov family
Wayland family
Branwell family
Allegiance: Light
Allies: Hunters
Some Witches
Enemies: The Alliance

The Plenilunium family is an ancient Hunter family. It is revealed that the family is from Ancient Rome and the family took on different names around 1997. The family lives in the Italian Training Ground, which, until recently, was believed to be deserted. They are also seen to have been old friends of the Morgenstern family, with Donovan having been one of Helene's closet friends and being the originator of the werewolf species and Stephan being one of the five Hunter Leaders



The Pleniluniums are well known for their blonde hair, whatever shade of blonde. It's also seen that they are a bit tall for their age. The men in the family are seen to have dark eyes while the women have hazel. They also are seen to stop aging between the ages of fifteen till twenty-two.


The Pleniluniums are well known for rebellious nature. They are also seen to be kind, selfless and persistent. Viv described them as 'overprotective of one another and really feisty' shown when they learn Seraphina was taken by Alex as a hostage. The family are also very secritive and it takes a lot of time for them to learn to trust people.

Known Members

  1. Donovan Plenilunium
  2. Livi Plenilunium (née Lunatutela) - Donovan's first wife, decessed
  3. Celestia Plenilunium (née Rosales)
  4. Stephan Plenilunium
  5. Mara Plenilunium - wife of Stephan
  6. Luke Plenilunium
  7. Kyra - Luke's ex-girlfriend, mother of Clea and Damian
  8. Jett Plenilunium
  9. Claire Plenilunium
  10. Cecily Menshikov - fiancée of Jett
  11. Seraphina Plenilunium (born Ravenscar, adopted)
  12. Declan Wayland - fiancé of Claire
  13. Marissa Plenilunium - daughter of Stephan and Mara
  14. Drake Plenilunium - son of Stephan and Mara
  15. Clea - daughter of Luke
  16. Damian - son of Luke