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"Undead" beings that feed of blood and do not age

"They are the first creation of the Nightshade bloodline. And, like their creators, they have no humanity."

Vampires are supernaturally reanimated corpses, inhabited by the spirit of the deceased, that feed and survive on the blood of the living, especially on human blood. All Vampires are immortal. It has been revealed that they were created by witches sometime during 6000 B.C and that Vlad III was NOT the first vampire ever. They are claimed on their eighteenth year as a vampire if they were already above eighteen biologically but for those turned under eighteen, will be claimed on their biological eighteenth birthday. They are "cousins" to Hosts as both were created by Nightshade bloodline. They have an age old hatred with Shape-Shifters and Werewolves.


Vampires are immortal beings that drink of the blood of humans to survive. Vampires are very influancal though dislike the Hunters because of the laws. Elder vampires tend to have a 'blood bag' which tend to be of other immortal beings like Witches, Hunters etc. but, because this could damage the person, it was made illegal. Vampires have a terrible relationship with most Witches and Warlocks for an unknown reason.