Zara Morgenstern
Alex Promo
Biographical Information
Full name: Zara Grace Morgenstern
Born: 27th of March, 1794
Age: 227
Status: Alive
Alias: Zara Morgen
Grace Morgen
Nickname/s: Zar (family, mainly mother)
Zary (Zane)
Species: Primal Witch
Occupation: Hunter
Title: Eldest child/daughter of Jacob and Cynthia
Residence: On the run (currently at Roman T.G)
Allegiance: Dark
Affiliation: Complicated
Parents: Jacob Morgenstern
Cynthia Morgenstern
Sibling/s: Damon Ellester (maternal half, unknown)
Kasiani Westyn (paternal half, unknown)
Myrcella Ellester (maternal half, unknown)
Lancel Ellester (maternal half, unknown)
Chris Morgenstern
Mia Morgenstern
Jayce Morgenstern
Carri Morgenstern
Relatives: Maternal
Significant other/s: Zane Mannaro
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Night-black
Eye color: Pure hazel or black
"Only I kept choosing wrong Zane. The first right thing I did in love was when I confessed my feelings for you the first time and a century later I act on them."
—Zara to her best friend/crush Zane